Journey of Survivors: Sexual Violence in War

Eliminating Sexual Violence in War, was the summit held in London on June 10th, 2014. This Summit welcomed over 900 experts, NGOs, survivors, faith leaders, and international organizations from more than 140 countries.  It was the biggest global meeting on this issue ever convened.

According to Amnesty International, rape is now used deliberately as a military strategy… by the spread of AIDS, and by eliminating cultural and religious traditions.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague co-chaired … Continue reading

Flora: Tanks in the Front Yard

TankqFlora, a 50 year old woman, and mother of six children, is from rural Drenica Valley in Kosovo, the valley that was the hardest hit and most destroyed by war. When the war started in Drenica in February 1998,  Flora’s civilian husband, Faton, was attacked in their home by the Serbian police several times … Continue reading

Wartime Pregnancy

Sanije is now a 38 years old woman, the mother of two children.  She was only 23 year when her husband was killed and left her with the child one year old and two months pregnant.  As with many of our posts, the story is in her own words except where it interferes with being understood…

For me holidays never had any sense. My father died when I was seven year old. We were seven … Continue reading





“Many criminals and hostile tribes were there during the day and killing people at night. During the day I could accompany my aunt to look for the missing people. We could identify those fallen dead with arrows on their bodies. Many women raped and left for dead were very many.”





sons-story1  “If this was a Grimm’s fairy tale, they would call Son “The Little Pig Girl”. Every day, after school, she climbs the muddy hills around her village to collect neighbors’ food slops. She fills, and empties this bucket in to her  family’s pig pen over fifty times before the swift tropical nightfall calls her home. Then she goes in to help her mother.”


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